Shiva Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Proper air conditioning maintenance is an essential element of the lifespan of your air conditioning unit, there’s no point spending thousands of euro installing your air conditioning system, then have it badly maintained, leaving your system from being an asset, to a waste of your company’s money.

Proper air conditioning maintenance can add years to your system, while keeping running costs at minimum at all times, at Shiva we offer competitive maintenance agreements to suit a wide range of clients from small businesses to world-wide corporations.  Our friendly service technicians undergo regular training and are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to ensure that any faults and potential problems are diagnosed reliably and in the shortest possible time.

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Reasons WHY you should have your air conditioning equipment regularly maintained:

  • To ensure that the warranties provided remain intact.
  • To minimise its power consumption to reduce your electricity bills.
  • To ensure that the equipment remains hygienic.
  • To provide an opportunity for any potential problems to be identified and rectified, before they escalate to a major failure.
  • To ensure that you obtain the maximum useful life from the equipment.

Reasons WHY you should choose Shiva to maintain your air conditioning equipment:

  • We’re fast, efficient and reliable.
  • Discounts for Dublin Area’s. We visit your premise’s four times a year.
  • Our engineers undergo regular training and are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to ensure that any faults or potential problems are diagnosed reliably, and in the shortest possible time.
  • We’re approved by all of the mainstream equipment manufacturers.
  • We’re fully insured and Health & Safety compliant.
  • Our work is fully guaranteed.

Reasons WHY this upkeep is best managed within a Shiva Air conditioning maintenance agreement:

  • You’ll benefit from our reduced labour rates which will remain fixed throughout the full term of the agreement.
  • The planned maintenance visits will be scheduled on our Service Management system to ensure they are carried out on time, with a phone call in advance, notifying you when we are coming
  • You’ll benefit from a priority (same day) response in the event of anything going wrong, over non-contract holders
  • You’ll be given a 15% discount for any additional call-outs you have to make to us
  • We’ll keep you updated with information of any new environmental legislation that may affect you.